“Chinese in Europe: New Mobilities and Developments”
November, 22 – 24, Barcelona, 2018

Organised by Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, East Asian Studies & Research Centre, Spain in cooperation with Jinan University, School of International Studies/Academy of Overseas Chinese Studies, Guangzhou, China, and Aarhus University, Department of Global Studies, Denmark, and with the collaboration of Fundacio CIDOB & Fundacio Institut Confuci de Barcelona.

The workshop will be held at Fundacio CIDOB (Barcelona Center for International Affairs) & Fundacio Institut Confuci de Barcelona, Elisabets, 8-12, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.

Purpose of 3rd CERPE workshop:
With the economic rise of China mobility between China and Europe is experiencing new developments. Chinese migration has not only become more diversified in geographical origins, beyond the old and more recent qiaoxiang, but also in occupational positions and motives for movements. The China “go out” policy of the end of 90’s that has been followed by the OBOR Initiative are reflected in new arrivals of Chinese multinational companies, financial investors, professionals, high-skilled workers. In addition, an increasing numbers of Chinese students stay and stay on in Europe to pursue carriers. Class, gender, ethnicity and generation crossed by politics, religion, economy and cultural flows of the Chinese in Europe have become more complex. Intercultural dynamics are also in movement: issues of ethnicity, race, identity, social imaginaries and political representation of the Chinese. The political role and contributions of Chinese migrants to both domestic and host societies are issues in need for further analysis. Finally, the workshop invites papers on single country studies or on comparative issues of the changes in structure of Chinese communities in or across European countries.

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