Library of Contemporary China

Director: Joaquín Beltrán (CERAO-UAB)

Edited by: East Asian Studies & Research Centre (CERAO-UAB) and Edicions Bellaterra.

China is the most continuous state-civilization in the whole world. Its cultural influence has left a deep mark on most of East Asia. If for many centuries China was the most developed area on the planet, exporter of goods, discoveries and ideas that influenced the creation and advancement of a “modern” West, as evidenced by the attention of enlightened thinking that took it as an example, today it remains a powerful civilization that tries to restore its traditional engine position of global economic development. The most populous nation on earth needs to be better known in the century that ends. Eurocentrism, in this case, faces a synocentrism of a similar social significance. The premeditated amnesia of History must be reevaluated.

CONTEMPORARY CHINA LIBRARY intends to overcome the vision of an “exotic” and stereotyped China by providing a series of works that address its recent history under different social, cultural, economic and political aspects. The objective is to offer Spanish-speaking readers both classical and critical works of sinology, written by Western and Chinese authors, especially those that bring new perspectives on Chinese diversity.

Director of the collection: Joaquín Beltrán